Networks Installation, Management and Monitoring

Have Maxider set up open-source networking management and monitoring tools in just minutes to get a real-time view of what’s happening with your critical systems.

We will help you keep an eye on server performance and uptime, so you’ll know when they’re slow, overwhelmed or crashed long before your users start calling. We just add your servers and network devices to your monitoring tools and start seeing data in seconds!

Know your network in real-time.

Network overloaded? We will let you see bandwidth and saturation down to the port using the appropriate tools. So track down those problem users hogging all the bandwidth before they even finish downloading that latest cat video.

Keep a watchful eye on those critical devices.

Got a domain controller or email server you can’t live a second without? Or a switch you really depend on? Maxider will install and configure for your tools such as Solarwinds Network Monitor, Cacti or Nagios to inform and alert you about the health of your network devices.