Building smart IT infrastructure is a big challenge and smoothly operating it is an even bigger task. Organizations have always wanted to have reliable and highly available infrastructure adjusted for efficiency and cost.

At Maxider Ltd. we assure you of the following:

Infrastructure Experts: We have the expertise and the experience in the infrastructure space having worked with Savings and Credit Co-operatives, MFI’s, SMEs, etc.

We are a learning organization: Operational issues are bound to happen. We, therefore, capture, document and communicate these lessons. We also have protocols in place to prevent or minimize issues in the future

Risk vs. Reward based SLA: We understand you are taking a risk with us. In order to assuage your worries, we are open to Risk vs. Reward based SLA terms

Progressive Savings: Our service is geared toward steady reduction in support issues by means of automation that leads to reduction in support personnel over a period of time.